Who Makes Our Cute Cube Candles?

We have partnered with the lovely Melbourne-based Ashleigh to bring you the must-have candle of the moment! Ashleigh is the talent behind the brand Juno May, that creates personalised numerology prints. During lockdown Ashleigh decided to turn her hand to candle making and we are so glad she did!

We asked Ashleigh some questions about her main business. We're excited to explore ways that Fizzy Fardel and Juno May can continue to collaborate!

What do you most enjoy about creating Juno May products?

I love making gifts that people can buy for themselves or for a loved one. Something they will love and cherish. My prints are personal and, hopefully, resonate with each person that has one.

How did you start your business, and what is the story behind the name Juno May?

I started Juno May at the beginning of this year as my Nana once told me giving a gift is much more rewarding than receiving one, and she’s right. The feedback I get from people who love their prints makes me so happy, and knowing I’ve bought joy into someone’s universe is a lovely feeling.

The name Juno May comes from my little Kelpie Cross Juno (born in May) and she is my littlest love. She’s getting on in age but is still as feisty and active as ever. She’s persistent and perfect which are two qualities I like to instil in this business. If something doesn’t work, I learn from it and keep going until it’s perfect.

What does the future of Juno May look like?

A vision is something I’m still working on for this business as I have a million ideas but focusing on one that is realistic and achievable is key. I want to keep my products personable and meaningful so I’ll look for other ways I can add these types of gifts into my brand. 

What is your process in creating a new product?

Any new products I’ve created have come from feedback from my customers. The Friendship Star Sign print came about because a few people asked if I was going to make a print more geared towards best friends. Customers are the cornerstone to developing products.

It’s also a trial and error process, I’ve released some prints that just didn’t take off and that’s okay, I learn from trends and feedback and build that into new products until I get it right.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to someone starting a small business?

Listen to your customers. Think about whether people actually want, and are willing to pay for what you’re selling as well as what makes it unique. You also have to be ready to take some criticism and feedback because not everyone will like your work.

But just give it a go!

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