Limited Edition Sun Hats, Created Sustainably in Queensland

We are SO happy to be working with the amazing Brisbane-based makers, Brown & Brook, to bring you an exclusive range of fabulous sun hats. Each piece is made with so much care and detail, using repurposed textiles.


We asked the lovely owner, Lynn, a few things about her background, her brand and how she is striving to make more conscious fashion choices.


How did Brown & Brook begin?


When in between jobs I was making bags from pre-loved denim clothing and experimenting with different sewing techniques. I loved the idea of re-using textiles to give them a new life.


Like most sewers, I have built up quite a big stash of fabric remnants from my sewing projects (I have off-cuts that are 40 years old)! Family and friend's donations of leftover fabrics and vintage linen also added to my stash so I wanted to start a project that would showcase my pre-loved textiles - my daughter suggested making hats.


The name Brown & Brook reflects my family names as I am continually receiving support and inspiration from them.


Your pieces are made with incredible skill and detail. They are most definitely pieces that have been made to last for years and years! How did you learn to sew, and how have you been able to build on your skill and technique?


I learnt basic sewing skills in Primary School then did Textile and Design at High School. When I left home I bought a second hand Singer sewing machine from a work colleague for $50 and would make curtains, cushions, lounge covers and clothes for my kids in my spare time. Back then I used books and magazines for patterns and ideas. 


After seeing a patchwork quilt up close I was hooked and signed up for a basic quilting course at my local sewing shop. This gave me a great start into patchwork sewing and still love using these techniques in my projects. I use YouTube, Pinterest and craft books to learn new skills and generate ideas.

What inspires your pieces?


Inspiration might come from the textiles themselves like some vintage tablecloths and curtains which have a retro vibe or pretty floral clothes that can be re-purposed into patchwork hats. I love nature walks and get a lot of colour inspiration from the landscape - I love the earthy tones of the bush  - the muted pinks and greys of a gum tree and burnt oranges of the soil and rocks.


Sustainable fashion is hugely important to us at Fizzy. What steps are you taking to be more sustainable with your fashion choices, and can you offer our readers any tips?


Sustainability is also a priority for me and I use pre-loved textiles and offcuts/remnants that would otherwise be destined for landfill, when creating my pieces. Through this process I have found my personal approach to fashion has been influenced as well.


For me, it is making little changes to my fashion choices that is most manageable rather than trying to go 100% sustainable from the start - this will be my long term goal but for now I am still learning about what's out there and rethinking how I curate my fashion items.


These are my tips:


    • Buy quality pieces that will last
    • Don't get sucked in to buying sale items unless you love them and know that you will get good wear out of them
    • Buy locally produced items if possible
    • Seek out fashion brands that are striving to produce sustainably 
    • Swap clothes with friends or family
    • Check out Salvos, Vinnies and other charity shops - it can be overwhelming with the myriad of items but they are usually displayed by size and clothing type
    • Can unwanted items in your wardrobe be revamped?
    • Cherish your fashion pieces and wear them often


What's the best piece of advice you can give to someone starting a small business?

It is still early days for me and I am learning as I go. As a maker, I have found the best thing is to just keep making, and then your vision and skill set evolve and start to become clearer. 


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